Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Harp for Hannah

This is lovely Hannah Petersen, her father Clark (Kent) Petersen, worked off this harp. I had Hannah come help me work on it. Hannah is 14, 5 foot 9 and is a jewel to be arround. We had so much fun making this harp together. This is before the strings and varnish are on.
She carried the neck out to the sunshine for the harp's first "photo shoot"....all together. She said she named her harp "Celeste".
We glued the neck to the pillar and let it dry for a few days.
Here the harp "box" is done.
Here is Hannah with "Celeste".....Cherry wood.
She wanted to wait just before Christmas and so I took it over there two days before. Her daddy had been gone to a big job in Missouri and came back the day before Christmas. Note the decorations on the bottom of the sides and on the top. I tole painted these and then put a stain on them, plus varnish. It was fun fun fun.
Hannah is home schooled and is sooooooooooo sharp. It's hard to think of her as only 14. You can see by the books at her house that the whole family are book readers and learners. IN FACT, all the family are learning to play the harp....even the dad and mom. I love it.

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  1. That makes me want to play a harp. lol I love seeing it built step by step. I love following your blog Irene.