Thursday, June 3, 2010

Makenna Seaver helps to make her harp

Makenna got the BOX IN....It sat here for a few days as I wanted her to be here when we opened it and counted all the parts. cell phone in hand...she's sooooooooo excited.
It was fun getting all the parts out and seeing them. my harp is in the background.
This is how I do the braces. BIG CLAMPS then small clamps to hold the little small braces.
Makenna sanding the back.
Makenna's grandparents came to see her working. very dear folks.
We finished the box part of the box in record time. fun fun fun.
best glue to use...but when I put the trim on the harp, I use masking tape. We did this fast also as she's a great aprentice. I suggested that she take wood shop next year in school.
wayyyyyyyyy fun girl.
Here is Makenna sanding. This is her first experience with a sander and it's pretty loud for some small hand held thing, but get's 'er done. This is the bottom platform.
This is the pillar and neck part that has dried, she looked quite conderned when she first saw this part, looks like she's all bandaged up.
We did the first varnish of this harp today, 2 June 2010. Makenna is 14 and is a jewel of a young woman. We do a lot of laughing while working together. I'm having to do this on my front porch.....a very temporary "shop" and hopefully I'll get a shop built soon.
Here Makenna is "pretending to play" this harp that she's named FEONA.......a Scot name.
Makenna and her lovely mother. They are going to Scotland for a few weeks and when she comes back I'll have all the varnishes done and we'll string "Feona" up.